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New functionality in Training-Online.euWe are happy to inform you about the upgraded version of In this version we present the option to view your courses even after their completion, new file upload features, Skins upgrade, new enrollment forms and much more.

What’s new in

Data Space price decreased

We have listened to the voices of our customers saying they need more data space to upload large SCORM, pdf and video files at lower cost. Therefore we have decreased the price by 77 %. Now you may extend your data storage and store more content.

View the course content after the course completion

Previous version of e-Learning software didn’t allow the users to view the content of the course once it was completed. However, many users of our e-Learning platform expressed that they would appreciate the option to see the course content even after the course completion. We decided to comply with this request: all content is now available to open until your course due date is reached. You may access the content even in case you failed to complete the course, continue to study and get ready for next test trial.

Replace the files in your lessons

To simplify the process of creating and designing your e-Learning lessons, we have implemented a functionality that allows you to replace a file with another one. We didn’t allow this before to ensure proper functioning of the Course versioning service.

We have reworked the file upload and the Course ID changes every time a file in the lesson is replaced. We believe this saves the admin’s time.

Preview your certificates in full screen

The option to download the certificate preview has been added. It allows you to see the preview in full screen in the browser and view the certificate in detail. While creating the certificate, you may check it in full screen at any moment.


With our latest skins upgrade, you can add your own favicon to the website (small logo in browser tab). We have finalized the personalization; once you add your favicon, there’ll be no doubt for your students that the LMS is a part of your website!

Enrollment form

The list of courses now contains Course ID so you can recognize your courses easily. You may now be pretty sure that you are assigning the right content to the right user and don’t have to disturb your users with more enrollments and to explain over and over again which course they should study.

User activity overview

Last user login information has been added. We do believe this will help you organize your user support better as you’ll have more information about the activity of your users.


The system navigation has been improved. You may use the breadcrumb navigation and move within the selected path or use the “Back” button we have added to all actions now.


We hope you will find these new features useful and helpful while working with our e-Learning platform. We will continue improving according to the suggestions and needs of our clients. We would also like to be able to respond to any special request of yours. To that end, we invite you to send us your recommendations or to visit our Forum and post your ideas there.


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Introducing a new lesson type: Students and teachers are now connected in a Virtual Classroom

Virtual is proud to present a brand new lesson type. Teachers or trainers can now get in direct touch with their students, watch them react to the lesson in real time and respond to their questions immediately. A kind of educational videoconferences, our Virtual Classroom is a great way to bring e-Learning closer to the traditional classroom education while increasing students‘ attention.

How does it work?

After joining a conference in’s Virtual Classroom lesson, the participants can see each other in real time and talk. If students struggle, they can share their screens for the teacher to see what the problem is. Students can also communicate among themselves, sharing their notes and helping each other. Teachers or trainers can see how much time they have spent in the lesson and they get direct feedback in real time.

How are’s Virtual Classroom lessons different?

They are user-friendly and intuitive. To create or attend a Virtual Classroom lesson, you don’t need to install any plugins, additional software or browser extensions.’s Virtual Clasroom lessons are based on a new technology heavily supported by Google: WebRTC, a project which aims to enable rich, high-quality Real Time Communication applications to be developed for the browser and mobile platforms. Needless to say, our Virtual Classroom lessons work perfectly on mobile devices and they run on all modern browsers and platforms: Google, Firefox, Opera, Android and iOS.

Everybody can communicate to the others

As insinuated above, another significant advantage of our Virtual Classroom lessons is that all participants of a video conference can communicate with each other. In other words, not only that the students see and hear the teacher, but the teacher sees and hears the students as well, and the students can also communicate among themselves. Although this might seem like an obvious thing, many e-Learning platforms actually only provide for the teacher to talk, while students can only listen to the lesson. In, everyone can actively participate in a videoconference, and the number of participants is not limited in any way. This makes virtual lessons comparable to traditional classroom learning.

We’re expanding the options for blended learning: to attend a typical classroom lesson, students now don’t have to be actually present in the classroom physically. In our Virtual Classroom, typical face-to-face classroom activities can be performed while augmented with digital tools. What’s more, students can now be taught by trainers and professionals from very distant places who wouldn’t otherwise be able to commute and wouldn’t accept to teach in that particular course. Virtual Classrooms can also be used to supervise exams and proctored tests.

What is our mission?

We believe that Virtual Classroom videoconferences will be a great tool for the users of our e-Learning platform. It is yet another effective and fun way to learn and we are pleased to see that our new lesson type is showing great results.

Hybrid learning brings e-Learning to a whole new level

In the future, we plan to continue developing Virtual Classroom and adding new functions to it. Our next goal is to enable users to record the video stream so that students can see the lesson again later. Recorded videoconferences can also be used to create webinar video lessons.

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