A Post Pandemic Reflection on LMS


As the world is slowly recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, we can reflect on the changes the new situation brought into e-learning. Students and teachers moved many of their traditional face-to-face lessons to the online space, using video conferencing as their main tool.

With this in mind, is there still a place for more “classic” learning management systems, such as Training-Online.eu? Can we still put them to good use, or do we actually make do with a mere video conferencing tool?

At Training-Online.eu, we believe a LMS like ours still has a rightful and meaningful place in e-learning

Video conferencing is definitely useful when it comes to building one’s soft skills; it allows the students to interact with the teacher and to keep their attention.

However, there are unquestionable advantages to classic learning management systems that video conferencing tools do not have.

First of all, and this is something that actually wasn’t changed by the global pandemic, LMS systems like Training-Online.eu are still the best tool to expand one’s set of hard skills. If you need to retrain, reskill or even just inform your employees, it is still most effective to let them learn by themselves at their own pace (with a tool that actually lets you track their improvement), and only after they reach a desired level of knowledge, to let them proceed to a video conference to clear up some details or ask additional questions.

The LMS solution is also ideal for newbie’s and their onboarding process, as they are empty with information when they come to you and need to develop their basic skill level before they go to any training in order to make trainings time and cost effective.

Another advantage the pandemic hasn’t changed is our tool’s time independence: with a LMS like Training-Online.eu, a person can study anytime they want to, regardless of when their trainer/teacher makes time for a video conference with them.

With e-learning software Training-Online.eu, students can repeat their trainings as many times as they want to. The LMS system also notifies them about possible deadlines, tracks their improvement and is easy to use both for the employer/teacher and the employee/student.

To sum up, here’s a list of classic learning management systems’ advantages that no video conferencing tool can offer you:

  • Great for building hard skills
  • Can actually be easily combined with video conferencing (online LMS training first, video conference second)
  • Allows students to repeat their training
  • Allows students to study whenever and wherever they wish to
  • It’s easy to use; notifies students about everything they need to know
  • Can track the student’s improvement in time, lets you see their possible knowledge gaps
  • Provides a clear evidence of the student’s improvement
  • Can be also used as a test tool after a face-to-face session
  • Tools allows full automation

In conclusion, we believe that there are good reasons why you should consider a versatile learning management system like Training-Online.eu if you don’t want your students to just sit and talk in front of their computers, but to actually reach tangible results.

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