Affordable cloud LMS for small and medium businesses introduces a cloud LMS for small and medium businesses.

It has always been complicated for the small and medium businesses to be able to pay for their own LMS. Now, is introducing a cloud LMS that any company can afford. The trend of adopting cloud is getting stronger both among big corporations and small businesses, and it’s especially convenient for the latter. Thanks to the cloud solutions, the clients can save money and still push their business towards a modern way of training their employees: online learning. How so?

Ways cloud technologies save money for small businesses

Buy less hardware, reduce power costs

Without having to purchase servers and avoiding other infrastructure costs, small businesses can focus on their core activities instead of investing in hardware. Besides, companies which decide to run their own data centers usually don’t fully utilize their servers and waste energy. A cloud service provider charges companies less for the energy they use.

Only pay for what you use

This was already insinuated in the previous point and it is one of the main reasons why so many companies are nowadays shifting to cloud e-Learning solutions. But cloud services in general tend to be used not cost effectively. On cloud platforms such as, clients do not pay any regular fees; they only pay for what they actually do on the platform, and if they don’t visit it for several weeks or months, there is no charge for that. This revolutionary pricing system helps small and medium businesses to start their own LMS even if they have a very limited budget.

No need for an army of IT specialists to start up your own LMS

If a business decides to use a cloud e-Learning platform, the only thing they need to do is to register, insert their courses and their users. With, that can be done in less than a minute and anyone can do that. Other solutions usually require calling IT experts who set up the LMS for the company and enroll the users to the course. Sure, big corporations can afford to do that, but such an expense was unthinkable for small and medium businesses for a long time. With, even small businesses can afford to set up their own LMS.

Moreover, users can try the App out for free and without committing to anything. provides an intuitive SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution built on a cloud platform that definitely improves the quality of employee training and makes the overall organization of e-learning easier. The improvement of the employee is being monitored overtime, so the employers can adjust the training programmes to their employees‘ specific needs and make the training more effective while saving money at the same time.

Set up a LMS for free

Having said that the adoption of the e-learning platform is easy, quick and anybody can do it, it is now easier to understand why this could finally be the affordable LMS that the medium and small businesses have been waiting for. Another big advantage is that there is a possibility to try the platform using the Free Study Plan; that is, using it for free. This is especially convenient for NGOs and startup projects, but all clients can use the Free Plan, see how the platform works and what possibilities does it offer, and if need be, later they can start using the paid plans, should they see them as profitable. Subscribing to an e-learning system and having to pay for it from the beginning has often been the thing that was holding small businesses back from setting up their own Learning Management System; now, Training-Online has removed this obstacle and the fast-growing e-Learning industry can finally reach the small and medium businesses as well.

Access the e-Learning platform from anywhere

An unquestionable advantage of e-Learning is its flexibility, as users can access the platform anytime from any mobile device. This aspect is especially relevant for people who live in a world where mobile phones, tablets and headsets never leave their side. No wonder that more and more mobile learning tools and platforms emerge.

Study anytime also supports microlearning – that is, designing very short learning nuggets with a focus on performance. In this way, busy users can use their mobile devices to access these bits of information and learn anytime. believes that medium and small businesses will use this new opportunity and that it will help them to grow in a world where e-learning has become so important. We hope that the improvements we made will be perceived positively and that the LMS will be used in many companies‘ human resources and development processes.

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