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  1. Kim Flintoff

    Seems to militate against personalisation, self-direction and acknowledgement of prior learning… if a user can pass a test without jumping through hoops then one of two things is at play:

    1. The learner already knows the material being learned; or,
    2. The test is a poorly constructed assessment that probably isn’t eliciting useful information about what’s been learned.

    Authentic learning is messy, non-linear, iterative and open-ended…

  2. admin

    The Prerequisite feature is just an option which may be switched on or not.

    Some learning blocks or courses finished with the exam as prove of understanding makes sense to navigate the user proper way. Further our experience is that even in some obligatory courses given by legislation, it’s better to have a prove that the student has seen the study content and then passed the exam.

    For cases of non linear or messy way of learning, you may enroll or self enroll whatever content you like.

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