New lesson type of e-Learning software – Presentation Lesson

Presentation lesson of e-learning new generation e-Learning platform.

Now introducing a new lesson type – Presentation lesson

We are proud to announce that we have implemented this brand new lesson type. Teachers and trainers can now upload Microsoft Powerpoint and Open Document Format presentations to their lessons, and make the study material more appealing to students. Microsoft PPTX and OpenOffice ODP files are uploaded with their native behavior, which means, among other things, that any animations or videos that you might have inserted to your presentation will be preserved on our platform as well. This is also one of the biggest advantages of this lesson type compared to a PDF lesson: previously, if you converted your presentation to a PDF and then uploaded it as a PDF lesson, your users couldn’t watch the videos included. Now, with our Presentation lesson, they are free to watch the videos and animations in the learning content.

A comprehensive e-Learning platform helps you to manage your business

Having implemented the Presentation lesson type, is becoming one of the most comprehensive e-Learning platforms on the market. We allow our users to study from their homes, but also to combine self-study with lessons in Virtual Classrooms. We provide online and blended learning, but we don’t only focus on developing new lesson types: OnBoarding, HR processes, education, building the company’s know-how, increasing the competitive advantage – whatever it is, has a solution.

Now it’s a great time to try it. Keep pace with 21st-century innovations and start training people online today!

eLearning is a trend because of the mobility

Over the last few years, e-Learning platforms have been popping up all over the world. Companies have been using them to train their employees, as they present a great solution for busy students and bring new opportunities, such as studying whenever and wherever you want to, learning from someone on the other side of the world or using all sorts of mobile devices to learn. In 2015, e-Learning market size was valued over $165 billion and is likely to grow at over 5% from 2016 to 2023, exceeding $240 billion.

Needless to say, e-Learning presents the future of education presents a new generation cloud service, providing e-Learning and OnBoarding solutions for small and medium businesses, educational agencies, schools, startups and NGOs. We focus on the European market and the EU as we believe that e-Learning will be becoming very strong in this area in the years to come, but we have clients from many other countries as well.

And there are a couple of things that make us different:

  • Be the admin: is incredibly easy to use. Setting up the LMS can be done in a minute, and according to our experience, anyone can do it (there is no need to invite an IT technician to do the job). It is a cloud app, easily accessible by anyone. All you need to use our platform is an Internet browser and a mobile device. Before, you needed a trained specialist to solve the problems related to the use of the e-Learning platform – that is, if you could afford one. With, anyone in your company can be the platform administrator and you don’t even have to pay.
  • Pay as You Go: Our unique “Pay as You Go” pricing model allows the users to use our professional e-Learning solutions without any financial commitments. We have FREE solutions for institutions that require zero costs for their e-Learning system. Later, if the users are satisfied and choose to pay e.g. for some additional types of lessons, they can do so still without committing to any regular payment.
  • Multilingual: Want to set up your platform in another language than English? Don’t worry: you can choose out of 16 languages or change the system language later. Also, each user can choose their own language. Czech, Danish, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish and Swedish are all available. We’re planning to add more European languages in the future.
  • Wide range of lesson types: Have a creative way to teach your students? Great! Our platform offers a vast variety of lesson types. You can create surveys, announcements, and most importantly upload all sorts of formats: there are PDF and eBook lessons, video lessons, SCORM learning packages lessons, Virtual Classroom lessons (where people can cooperate in a videoconference) and, as our latest innovation, Presentation lessons as well.

Now it’s a great time to try it. Start training people online today with our FREE e-Learning platform!

We hope you will find these new features useful and helpful while working with our e-Learning platform. We will continue improving according to the suggestions and needs of our clients. We would also like to be able to respond to any special request of yours. To that end, we invite you to send us your recommendations or to visit our Forum and post your ideas there.


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