Tips to simplify LMS administration

Tips to simplify LMS administrationFor your comfort, we came up with several tips for reducing the time you or your admins spend on the LMS administration, especially activities such as course enrollments or emailing the notifications. To make your life a little easier, we have introduced self-service and automation (a set of control systems) into our e-Learning platform. Want to spend your time on activities more important than being tight on checking dates, enrolling students to courses one by one and sending them notifications individually? Let’s try some hacks we use in

Self-enroll via Internal Course Catalog

Your users may find the course and enroll for it themselves. platform offers an option to allow your students and employees to find the courses available in the internal course catalog and to self-register for a course. We call this function “Self-enroll”.
Our internal catalog is the full-text search engine where the user may search for the courses by their names, descriptions, course IDs or category. After that, the users self-enroll for it and start to study.
If you want to, you can inform your users about a recommended content they are supposed to study, usually by sending them an email with the name or ID of the course, and they should be able to find it, enroll for it and study the content themselves. You don’t need to enter the LMS system to enroll the users to a course!


Grouping helps you to manage classes, departments and teams containing more users as logical units and operate all the users as one. Apart from making group enrollments, this also helps you to break down the data in the reporting as you can use the name of the group as a filter.

Repeat enroll

This is a function that enables automatic repeated enrollment of the user for the course. For cases where the periodic study is required by legislation or your internal policy, you may set the repeated enrollment when assigning the course to the user. You may select any period of time by using the day/week/month/year unit.
The platform automation ensures that the course will be enrolled at the right time and you don’t need to pay attention to that any longer.

Notifications platform contains the Notification module which is securing the automatic emailing service. When the system is installed, there is a set of predefined email notifications, such as Course enrollment, Course Due, User created, and many more. You may add new ones, or copy and edit existing notifications to maximize the student information level and increase course completion level.
The notifications are triggered by your actions: for example, whenever a new user is created, the system sends them the access details or course enrollments with all the necessary details and links to open it. Apart from that, the notifications can also be triggered by a time event: for example, three days before the due date the user is informed about the time remaining for the completion of the course.
All notifications may be sent to various recipients, user, activity initiator (teacher) or admin.
The email body and the text may be built from the fixed texts and also system variable values, such as names, Course names, dates, etc., which helps to maximize the email personalization and ensures maximum user attention and simplicity of the learning system.


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