Why you need a knowledge base and how can Training-Online.eu be used like one

knowledge baseIn today’s connected world, people expect to have easily accessible information at their disposal. Nowadays, when a new employee comes to a company and wants to learn more about their products, or when a business partner wants to read about the company’s sales practices, they won’t make a phone call or write an e-mail. They will open the company’s knowledge base, which is an online library of information about the company’s products, services, departments, practices and any other relevant topic.

In a knowledge base, users can easily look up the information they need

A good knowledge base is being updated regularly, so the users always get access to new information and products. This also helps them to avoid asking frequently repeated questions and gives you more time and space to develop your business instead of dealing with FAQ.

A rich knowledge base is also a great tool for any of your current or new employees or customers and partners as well

It simplifies onboarding as it provides them with the opportunity of self-paced learning and helps them to answer many questions. However, the employees aren’t the only people who use knowledge base software regularly. Knowledge bases are being actively used by customers and business partners as well. Just imagine how much time is saved when all of the questions they have can be easily responded by looking the answers up in the knowledge base, or by sending them a simple link. Nowadays, you don’t have to send the same e-mails over and over again and explain the details; using a knowledge base, anyone is able to resolve their own questions, plus they discover more additional information while reading through the material.

The McKinsey Global Institute discovered that the use of social technologies, like knowledge management tools, can raise productivity levels by 20 to 25 percent.

Use Training-Online.eu as a knowledge base

As a new generation e-Learning platform, Training-Online.eu enables you to create a knowledge base. In other words, it can be used like a knowledge base platform. Thanks to our internal catalogue, users can search for information and add the content they need to study. If using the Free Plan, they can add courses without any financial limitations.

What should you add to your knowledge base?

Anything you think might be useful for your employees, customers and business partners. All of the information about your products, all of your product sheets, descriptions of services, competitive advantages, sales practices and any other relevant piece of information can be inserted to individual lessons and assigned to courses according to its topic.

Keep in Mind the needs of your users!

Don’t forget that while creating a knowledge base, you should always keep in mind the needs of your users.

The first important part of creating your knowledge management system is to be able to identify those needs. In Training-Online.eu, this can be done easily using the SkillGap and Survey tools. Thanks to the results of these surveys and tests, you will be able to realize which knowledge areas are the most important for your business and where to start.

Later, while adding content to your knowledge base, always keep in mind who you’re doing it for – that will help you to give the base a coherent structure in which the information will be easy to look up. If you’re still not sure about how to start, you can read more in A few tips for building your knowledge base.

If you need to keep your business partners updated about your products and services, an easy way to do it in Training-Online.eu is to create a Learning Plan for a partner and enroll him/her in the set of courses. That way you can be sure that your partner is using correct and updated information. At the same time, he/she will have access to all the information and can come back to look up other things later. Your time is being saved as your partner will be using the new possibilities of “course self-service”.

Add different types of lessons

In Training-Online.eu, you can add PDF documents and PowerPoint presentations to your knowledge base. You can also use videos you created before, or you can capture your product or service presentation as video and thus create a video tutorial for your users. While it is not always possible to add files in these formats to other knowledge based systems, it is not a problem in Training-Online.eu.

If you want to make sure that your users understood the content and they are now able to use it in real life, Training-Online.eu allows you to complement the course with tests. You can also create a test-less copy of the course which can also be published in the course catalogue.

All of the possibilities mentioned above will give a huge competitive advantage to your business.

At the same time it’s very simple: anytime you present new products or services, you can add the information about it to your knowledge base. That way, your users will be always updated but at the same time, they can look up the information they need easily.

A few tips for building your knowledge base:

  • Start by the frequently asked areas. What you can do is to add a new topic every time a user asks a question about it, and to build your knowledge base step-by-step in this way.
  • Don’t forget that building a knowledge base is a long-term business. It will take some time until it’s actually rich and deep. Add information to it continuously and update it regularly.
  • Use plain language. You can use terminology, but express yourself in a way that is understandable for everybody. Don’t assume that your users know what you’re talking about; it’s better to over-communicate than to speak in a slang no one actually understands.
  • Create an intuitive structure and label the materials so that the courses are easy to find and their order makes sense.
  • Make sure you unify the formatting of all the documents – this gives a good impression and it helps the users to orientate.

As we were saying in the beginning, nowadays people expect you to give them an easy access to information. The good part is that you don’t have to create any new content; you already have all of the information locked in databases, documents and minds of people in your company. What you need to do now is to organize it into a well-structured rich knowledge base. Apart from the tremendous benefits of giving your customers what they seek, giving your employees the opportunity of self-paced training, reducing costs and improving SEO, your knowledge base actually makes your entire company more productive – and that translates into a more agile and competitive business.

Start building your knowledge base today!

Team Training-Online.eu

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